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2021 Ford F-150 vs F-250 vs F-350 – A Comparison

The Ford F-Series of trucks is one of the best-selling ranges in Canada, noted for its blend of workhorse performance and genuine comfort in the cabin. There are three main models in the range, the F-150, the F-250, and the F-350. Which one is right for you? Read our 2021 Ford F-Series comparison to find out.

Truck Class

In size and power terms the half-ton F-150 is the little brother of the lineup, although it’s still a highly impressive performer. Ideally suited to drivers who need the power of a pickup while still enjoying a comfortable drive around the city, the F-150 offers a versatile but capable solution. In contrast, the three-quarter-ton F-250 and the one-ton F-350 are both classed as Super Duty trucks, aimed firmly at power and capability rather than general daily driving.

Engine Choices

All three trucks are available with a range of engines, and there’s at least some overlap across the models. At the lowest end of the F-150 spectrum there’s a 3.0L V6 pushing out 290 horsepower and 265lb-ft of torque, ample for daily use with plenty in reserve. At the top end, the high-output 3.5L EcoBoost V6 pumps out a mighty 450 horsepower and 510lb-ft, taking capability to a new level altogether.

In contrast, even the lowest-powered F-250 or F-350 engine pumps out 385 hp and 430lb-ft, with the optional diesel V8 engine making a huge 475 hp and 1,050lb-ft.

Payload Capacity

The pickup bed payload capacity varies for each truck depending on the engine, but the most capable F-150 has a highly respectable figure of around 970kg. The F-250 improves on this figure by quite a distance, with the most capable model hitting an impressive rating of 1,932kg.

However, the top-level F-350 smashes both its smaller siblings out of the park with a mighty maximum payload capacity approaching 3,561kg.

Towing Capacity

The other half of the capability equation is towing capacity, and here there’s a similar story as for payload. The F-150 can haul up to a respectable 4,400kg when equipped with the highest-powered diesel mill, while the comparable F-250 pushes the figure up to a huge 6,895kg.

Again, the F-350 leads the way with a maximum towing capacity of 9,616kg when the dual-wheel base is used. The capability is even more impressive when a gooseneck hitch is fitted, with the F-350 able to haul up to 16,057kg, a figure unmatched by any competitor.

Clearly, the F-350 is the option to choose if you need to haul the heaviest loads, but on the other hand opting for the less extravagant F-250 or even the F-150 will save you plenty in fuel costs.

2021 Ford F-Series Comparison: The Verdict

The F-150 is Ford’s best-selling vehicle of all time for many great reasons. If you need a capable truck that can complete all your workhorse tasks but double up as a comfortable daily drive, it makes a perfect choice. But if your work is highly demanding and you need a super-powerful truck that can handle anything you throw at it, the F-250 and the even more capable F-350 are both excellent options.